Here's What Courtney Lee is Eating On Game Day

HEY KNICKS FANS!! While I don't typically have the opportunity to sit down with basketball players to discuss their diets - especially during basketball season - Courtney Lee made an exception and let me video conference him from the road. So today, rather than giving you the typical Tuesday recipe (I'll make up for it!!) let's change things up and take a look at what this 6' 5" shooting guard for the New York Knicks is eating to keep himself fueled all season. 

LS: Tell me a little bit about what you focus on when it comes to nutrition and sports performance.

CL: The night before a game I always try to eat something with carbs to give me energy. For instance, I’ll make sure I eat something like pasta. On game day I try to make sure I have chicken, or some type of protein. I definitely focus mostly on staying hydrated. It really helps enhance my performance.

LS: What are you eating in a day leading up to a game?

CL: I always have a big brunch before a game. I eat an egg white omelet with ham and cheese, plus a side of waffles and breakfast potatoes. I’ll also have a stir fry with white rice, shrimp, scrambled eggs, and soy sauce. I eat this until I’m full, then I’ll take a nap. An hour before the game I’ll eat half of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

LS: What does a meal look like after a game?

CL: The first 15 minutes after a game is the best time to replenish your body, especially with protein. I’ll usually eat something like chicken, pasta, and rice. Our trainers also make sure we have a protein shake right after the game too.

LS: What are you drinking on game day?

CL: Before the game I have a shot of beet juice, 2 bottles of water, and an espresso. At halftime I have another shot of beet juice and some Powerade. If I’m on the bench, I’ll only drink water.

LS: You’re stranded on an island. What 3 foods are you bringing?

  • Chicken alfredo

  • Filet mignon  

  • Soho house burger and fries

LS: Are there any foods you wouldn’t touch?

CL: Broccoli - I’m allergic.