So what exactly is Tovita?

Tovita is a one-on-one virtual nutrition counseling service provided by a registered dietitian. Yes, it is virtual. How many times have you canceled an appointment at the last minute because you were far too exhausted to make it? We're all guilty of this. At the end of a tiring workday, nutrition counseling may be the last thing on your mind yet, ironically, the most important thing you need. I believe the most pragmatic solution is for you to bring our sessions into the comfort of your own home, office, or wherever is most. Traveling? Let’s go there too. "I'll do it when I get back" is no longer an excuse to put your health on hold. Your Tovita appointments are something you will look forward to as I help you achieve your health and wellness goals from your own personal space.

Think of me as your personal nutrition concierge service, as the support extends beyond our scheduled meetings. Going out for dinner? Tell me where. I will review the menu ahead of time and help you choose the healthiest options. Torn between which nut milk to buy at the grocery store? Ask my advice. I will get back to you ASAP with a recommendation. I look out for my Tovita tribe.  

Beyond coaching, I offer several in-person services for those of you in NYC. You don't have to be a client to enjoy supermarket tours, refrigerator makeovers, or an evening of healthy cooking with Tovita. 

Tovita encompasses and reflects a lifestyle. Follow the blog to get the scoop on the latest health trends, debunk nutrition myths, or snag a new recipe for your dinner party. Check out which restaurants are calling Tovita-approved and why. Learn which workouts I’m sweating and how to prepare the ideal post-workout meal. 

Contact me to set up a consultation or just to chat and learn what Tovita is about.


leah silberman