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#TovitaNoFilter: Foodtrainers dietitian Carolyn Brown's natural beauty routines

Today we sat down with our dear friend Carolyn Brown to find out what keeps her feeling beautiful, happy, and glowing. Carolyn is a dietitian at the New York City private practice Foodtrainers. She knows NYC's health and fitness world inside and out. Believe us when we tell you, you'll want to know this tall, blonde bombshell's health secrets!

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I’m not super high maintenance when it comes to a beauty routine but there are a few beauty + wellness items I worship! When it comes to nutrition, I’m all about keeping it simple. Boring but good ol’ h2o, first thing, pre-coffee is a MUST. 
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Second is getting very veggie'd at at least 2 meals a day. I roast, grill, steam, soup, or nosh on them raw. Being prepped is crucial; in order to eat good food, you have to have it on hand! So I live for instacart and maxdelivery for keeping my fridge stocked and my life organized. 
I do have two nutrition addictions that are a little more hippy dippy but I can't live without. First is turmeric by Wakaya Perfection, it's like natures Prozac and so good for sore muscles, and Ginger or chai kombucha. They are my daily rituals, I sneak turmeric in in smoothies, yogurt, green juice, salad dressings, marinades and eggs. Kombucha is my night cap if I'm not hitting the vino, it helps me wind down and is loaded with good for your belly probiotics. 
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Next I exercise or move at least 5 days a week, it’s my meditation — Ive found a great group of workout buddies via a retreat with SurfYogaBeer that has changed my workout world. I love soul cycle, fhitting room and Y7 yoga. Find friends that make you move — and make you laugh! And then go eat brunch with them.  
On the beauty from the inside note - I am a therapy junkie. Forget the therapy stigma, I think everyone in their 20’s in NYC should go. I went for 5+ years and it is the number one thing that has shifted my happiness and overall wellbeing.  No one looks pretty when they are cranky and anxious. 
Lastly - with skincare I try to keep it super organic. I want to live in both CAP beauty in the west vill and ABC home. Jiva Apoha oil and RMS un-cover up + living luminizer are my daily face routine. When i’m having a skin freakout, which is more rare since i started living by the above rules, I hit Skin Laundry for some zapping and see the glowy benefits pretty much immediately. 
Thank you, Carolyn! Keep up with Carolyn's adventures @onesmartbrownie