Tovita Tips: Overcoming Sugar Cravings


Are you the type of person who craves something sweet at the end of each meal? Chocolate? Cookies? Candy? If this sounds all too familiar, take comfort in the fact that you are certainly not alone. But don't get too comfortable... 

Sugar cravings are not to be scoffed at! In fact, they are a very real phenomenon for many people. Not to mention your nightly ice cream habit could be keeping your at arms length from reaching your nutrition goals. In the spirit of bathing suit season, we've decided to share a few tips on how to reduce the frequency of succumbing to your sweet tooth. 

1. Are you eating enough during the day? Sometimes hunger is suppressed when we are stressed at work and hits us later at night when we're finally relaxed. While not feeling hungry during the day may seem like a good thing, our bodies try to compensate later for the calorie deficit by seeking a quick energy fix, unfortunately in the form of simple sugar. Our first tip is to eat regularly throughout the day: 3 meals and 1-2 portioned snacks that all combine protein and fiber!

2. Are you aware of your danger zones? Do you find yourself with a box of cookies while you are watching TV? Is your danger zone that time between getting home from work and dinner? Or are you a post-dinner snacker? We recommend keeping a food journal for at least one week to start noticing your habits and patterns. When you realize your triggers, you can intervene. 

3. Do you have healthy alternatives? Once you know your pitfalls, you can start creating solutions. Maybe it's brushing your teeth after dinner to prevent yourself from creeping back into the kitchen, or maybe it's making a bowl of fresh berries or natural popcorn while you watch TV. Perhaps it's taking a walk before dinner to keep you from grazing, or making a relaxing cup of tea when you start to feel the urge. Know yourself and what will actually satisfy your cravings. Are you someone that goes for quality or quantity when it comes to snacking? If you just like to munch, have low calorie alternatives like Skinny Pop Popcorn. If you simply need a bite of something rich and delicious, go for the foods that are portion controlled (hint: think individually wrapped). 

4. Do you choose empowered indulgences? We are all about indulging in your favorite foods once in a while, but we want them to be empowered indulgences rather than mindless grazing or binges. We allow clients "discretionary" foods each week for a good reason. Save these indulgences for times that its worth it. Skip the stale cookies at the office and save it for your favorite dessert when you're going out for dinner. Keep your indulgences to small portions that you can feel great about, rather than succumbing to the vicious cycle of guilt, skimping on meals the next day, and overdoing it all over again.

There you have it, our tips for overcoming sugar cravings. Remember, sugar cravings don't go away overnight. Breaking a habit takes patience, time, and motivation. If you need some extra reinforcement, that's where we come in! Email us to learn more about our package options and services to keep you in check :)