This Week We're Sweating: Overthrow NY

Overthrow NY has got us hooked. We took Ronicaโ€™s underground boxing & burn class and we can tell you firsthand there is a good reason they call it a โ€œburnโ€ class.

Vibe: The Overthrow space is a former meeting spot for radical activists, and the grungy meets rebel-punk vibe most definitely lives on. Dim lights, neon signs, and high-energy music get you revved up to throw power punches. With just a single ring upstairs and a studio downstairs, the space itself is small which creates an intimate setting.  

Class: The boxing & burn class is a mix of boxing and cardio. When we werenโ€™t throwing punches, Ronica had us shuffling, lunging, jumping and squatting. Though itโ€™s a high intensity workout, you donโ€™t have to be a pro to take this class.  Our class was filled with newbies (plus an SLT instructor!).


Instructors: The instructors are pro fighters and top-level amateurs, but donโ€™t let their muscles intimidate you! They are there to teach good form and they understand that you may not be the next Floyd Mayweather.

Be prepared: To sweat your butt off... and to have sore arms if youโ€™re a newbie (the good kind of sore). There are no showers, so it may not be the best idea to take a class during your lunch break at work. Donโ€™t expect a coat check either, but there is a small locker area downstairs where you can store your belongings. Wear sneakers. Overthrow provides wraps and boxing gloves.

Overall: Awesome mix of cardio and strength conditioning. You will leave feeling like a bada$$. As Ronica says, โ€œfight through the burn!โ€