It's nice to meet you.

Leah Silberman & Molly Rieger are registered dietitian nutritionists (RDNs) practicing in Manhattan. Both achieved undergraduate degrees in science and health; Leah from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Molly from Vanderbilt University. It wasn’t until they were in their masters program at New York University for clinical nutrition that they became friends and realized that they share a common goal.

Leah completed her dietetic internship at Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx, and Molly at Mt. Sinai St. Luke's Hospital in Manhattan. These internships were essentially in-hospital rotations where they learned to practice medical nutrition therapy on both acutely and chronically ill patients. Clinical experience has afforded them the opportunity to learn first-hand how proper nutrition therapy can mitigate, and often, ameliorate disease states.

After obtaining their RDN licenses, they decided that the best place for nutrition counseling is before the hospital. Growing up in a service-oriented generation inspired them to bring nutrition counseling directly to the client via virtual meetings.  Their main goal is to help clients achieve a healthy lifestyle by tailoring each session to his or her individual goals. Beyond counseling, Tovita Nutrition is a space to share their expertise, day to day lifestyle, and perspective to followers near and far.

Now to the fun stuff.

What are 4 items always in your bag?

Molly: By Terry Baume de Rose, a bottle of water, a snack (usually almonds), and Avene hand cream

Leah: Earbuds, Burt's Bees chapstick, hand sanitizer, and watermelon Trident

Favorite indulgence?

Molly: Homemade chocolate chip cookies 

Leah: Green tea mochi ice cream

You feel best after...

Molly: A boxing class 

Leah: A DIY face mask

Best travel experience?

Molly: A month in Tanzania

Leah: New Years in Bali, Indonesia

You are usually daydreaming about...

Molly: If Beyonce were to pick me as her backup dancer

Leah: Traveling somewhere new... and what I'll eat when I get there

What are 4 items always in your fridge/pantry?

Molly: Blueberries, hummus, Mary's gone crackers, and dark chocolate

Leah: Justin's honey peanut butter, frozen bananas, cold brew coffee, and pistachio nuts

Biggest health tip for your clients and readers?

Molly: SLEEP and WATER

Leah: Don't skip meals!

Person you would love to have over for dinner (alive or dead)?

Molly: Ellen Degeneres and Tupac... preferably together

Leah: Chelsea Handler

What health motto do you live by?

Molly: Food should make you feel good

Leah: Everything in moderation, including moderation


leah and molly