How do I get started with private counseling?

It's easy.

  1. Contact us using the form below. We will respond within 24 hours to set up a phone call to discuss how we will work together to achieve your health goals
  2. Once you're on board we will obtain your video conference contact information where we will reach you for our scheduled sessions
  3. Congratulations! You're officially a member of the Tovita Tribe

What's the program structure?

You may sign up for a 5 session or 8 session package consisting of weekly virtual meetings to develop sustainable lifestyle changes. After attaining a comprehensive understanding of who you are during our initial assessment, we then create your individualized meal plan based on the Tovita principles. During our meetings thereafter, we will discuss challenges that arise, create pragmatic solutions and set goals for the week ahead. Small and measurable objectives will  create lasting behaviors that lead to your ultimate health goal. Remember, Tovita is your individualized approach to a healthy lifestyle, which you will carry with you beyond our time together. 

Our guidance does not simply expire once you have completed your package. You may continue to renew your membership by signing up for phase 2 maintenance packages, or check in with à la carte follow-ups.  

What are the benefits of joining Tovita other than weight management?

Beyond weight management, we apply medical nutrition therapy to help you manage health conditions including diabetes, gastrointestinal disorders and cardiovascular diseases. Gearing up for an event? Whether you're heading down the aisle, training for a marathon, or trying to get swimsuit ready, we will get you there. Our nutrition concierge service means you will receive constant support from your dietitian whenever you may need, wherever you are. Clients will also receive discounts on our in-person services and subsequent phase packages. 

What inspired the creation of Tovita?

We came to realize that, believe it or not, there is a gap in the overly saturated health and nutrition market. While there is no shortage of health related blogs and curated guides, and there are plenty of private nutrition practices to choose from, we were unable to find a quality intersection of the two. In a world where you no longer have to leave your apartment to shop for groceries, we feel that nutrition counseling should be no different, which is why we are virtual. The face-to-face interaction is maintained via video conferencing and allows access from anywhere on the map. In addition to counseling, we wanted to create a larger platform to connect with readers on a more personal level. Living in Manhattan, we are constantly exposed to the newest and wackiest health and wellness concepts. Our blog provides us with the opportunity to filter through the latest trends to let you know which are worthwhile. 

So there you have it; Tovita was born.

What's your rescheduling policy?

1 freebie, after that you will be charged $30 if you're a no-show. Believe us, we don't want to do this ever!  Let us know 24 hrs in advance if you need to reschedule. We understand things come up but accountability is crucial in this process.

I'm not quite ready to start with counseling but could use some guidance. Are there any resources for me?

We hope to spread the Tovita lifestyle in any way we can. Check out our services page- if you are in NYC and have a few friends struggling with a similar health dilemma we would love to come for a lecture, lunch n' learn, or cooking class. We also try to be as responsive as possible to questions we receive on our site and social media pages so please reach out with questions!